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My Approach

Imagine feeling embarrassed and demoralized every day at school, or frequently admonished for not listening to the teacher. Imagine being teased for the way you read, or because you cannot remember what you read. Imagine struggling with basic math facts in high school, or unable to make sense of a simple word problem. Sometimes it feels as though a teacher deliberately ignores you, or makes hurtful comments about your progress. Over the years, many of my clients and their families have described similar, or worse, situations at school. Without academic support to effectively address language-based learning disabilities (LD), executive function delays, or other issues that affect learning, these students have felt overwhelmed, marginalized, and resigned to be low achievers.

"Carol Stella is a talented and dedicated tutor. Ms. Stella tutored our daughter during high school in both math and science. She was instrumental in helping our daughter understand mathematical and scientific concepts and content. With Ms. Stella’s help, our daughter successfully passed all her regents exams and earned all A's and B's in her classes.

Ms. Stella is very knowledgeable about learning differences and various learning styles and, as a result, she is able to help students with learning challenges understand and retain academic material and concepts. In addition, Ms. Stella helped our daughter build self-confidence and feel successful in school. Working with Ms. Stella was a gift for our daughter and we highly recommend her!" - Suzanne R.
When working with these students and their parents, my first goal is to help them understand their diverse learning needs, as well as their academic strengths and challenges.  An individualized support plan provides the structure and strategies to address specific areas of concern. Furthermore, students and their parents learn how to constructively advocate for academic support at school. Students who were once frustrated gradually feel more confident about their potential, which encourages them to take a more proactive, independent, and productive role in their learning.​
“My son had an extremely positive experience working with Ms. Stella. They met virtually once a week where Ms. Stella would tutor him in chemistry. Using her skills dealing with language based learning disabilities, she broke down the work for him in a way he could understand. I have and would highly recommend her as a tutor."  - Ilana M.
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